Summertime & Kids

Summertime often means more cleaning time. The kids spend their days coming in and out, tracking in water from the pool as well as freshly mown grass and asphalt on their shoes. Dry weather and open windows also allow more dust to make its way into your home.


•  If you have kids assign light housekeeping chores and summer yard chores to them.

•  Unclutter children’s closets and drawers; donate any clothes and shoes they have outgrown.

•  Hold a garage sale to get rid of unwanted or unneeded items.

•  If you have a pool, clean it regularly throughout the season.

•  When you go to the beach, empty beach bags upon your return to prevent wet towels from mildewing and food crumbs from attracting insects.

•  Scrub mildew from decks, porches, and siding.

•  Look for signs of pest damage.

•  Inspect for plumbing leaks and other moisture problems.

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